Mister Mediocrity

Let us go for a dive
Or not swim at all.
Let’s go crazy
Or diverge in sanity.
Everything else
Is just so verily
Not worth
Time and hassle.

I am not
Your Mister Perfect.
Until I am.
Or not.
Then we will
Have had

So let’s jump
And dive
To this place
They call hapiness
Until our lungs
Collapse or we
Start breathing water

6 Kommentare zu “Mister Mediocrity

  1. Margaret Mead’s words must be out of a period of time very long ago, called feminism…
    Today women probably want other men than mediocre or even women,
    and men…I don’t know, what they really want nowadays…maybe sex machines?!

    Gefällt mir

    • What I think is, that they rarely know. And sure as hell they don’t want no boring guys. But a suprise? Nah. Only if it fits certain and specific preliminaries (wich are still unknown to most). Thus one can say they long for mediocrity. As in „the expected unexpected“. Just like the lie of individualism, where everyone longs for the same way of being special.

      Gefällt mir

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